Company Profile

B H S Kinetic provides customers and businesses with a broad portfolio of engineering, logistics and transportation, offering reliable and cost-effective delivery everytime. At B H S Kinetic, we are committed to providing outstanding customer experience and being a great place to work.

Zach, Sales Director

Zachery Lin is responsible for B H S Kinetic growth and development. He develops, implements and manages B H S Kinetic’s sales, marketing and strategy functions from a business, sales and technical perspective.

Alex, Project Director

Alex Lin is the project director responsible for overseeing project’s performance to ensure high standard of deliverables, quality assurance and mitigating risks. He provides leadership, develops,  implements and maintains sound business practices.

Bryan, Engineering Director

Bryan Lin designs and execute solutions tailored to each customer’s needs. His focus include developing resources to create improved efficiencies and competitive advantages for business processes.